Davar Partners International

Today, more than 4.35 billion people, representing 63% of the world's population, cannot read and therefore do not have the opportunity and privilege to engage with God's Word, the Bible.

Davar Partners International is dedicated to enabling every oral learner in the world to have access to audio Scriptures in their language by 2035 and Chavani is an active partner and sponsor of this ministry.

Davar facilitates collaboration among organizations and individuals worldwide who want to play a role in reaching the oral learners of the world with the Word of God.  Since its inception in 2009, Davar has laid a global network of strategic ministry relations with audio providers, technology suppliers, in-field ministries, prayer partners, and funding partners. They have served in 90 nations with over 500 partnering organizations, providing training and audio Scripture engagement resources. Davar has designed, developed and deployed the Audibible® and has raised millions of dollars for audio Scripture engagement. They have served as a catalyst in the formation of a new audio Scripture coalition and initiative within the International Orality Network, and of a declaration calling the Body of Christ to make the entire Word of God available to every oral learner.


Davar’s team has extensive experience in Business and NGO Leadership, and broad reaching international networks.  Already with branches in Israel, South Africa and the USA, and serving partners in 90 nations, Davar is accomplishing their vision through the development and distribution of the Audibible, a solar-rechargeable audio player in a strong and sturdy package about the size of a cell phone and capable of holding thousands of hours of high quality audio content.  The Audibible Software User Guide has been tested with children and grandmothers for ease of use and can be ordered by contacting Davar or on their ONLINE STORE.



Davar connects and equips partners serving oral learning communities by:

  • Producing recordings of audio Scripture, biblical story sets and life giving teaching, and making these available on accessible platforms
  • Mobilizing advocates for Bible-less oral people in business, church, and student spheres
  • Providing specialized training and educational materials for those serving in oral communities



The Word of God

DAVAR believes in the power of the Word of God to transform lives and communities and that the key to effective transformation is personal engagement with it.

DAVAR believes that working in partnership is a Biblical value.  They therefore seek to facilitate effective collaboration among organizations and individuals working with indigenous church movements to provide non-readers with the Word of God.


DAVAR believes that God's Kingdom consists of people from every tongue, tribe, and nation and that each has a unique and important contribution to make.  DAVAR therefore works Intentionally to be International and Multi-Ethnic in its composition, operations and relations.


DAVAR believes that they are called to be good stewards of all categories of resources, which God has entrusted to them.  They are therefore committed to superior value creation; excellence in service; keeping their operations simple, streamlined and cost effective; looking for creative and innovative solutions and approaches; honouring the God given attributes of every person.

Community transformation

DAVAR believes that God desires all people to be whole in body, soul, and spirit, in their relationships and communities. He has made possible the process of transformation through relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ, the Holy Scriptures, and a fellowship of Believers.  Therefore DAVAR Partners enables community transformation in partnership with the local church by providing audio Scriptures, health, sanitation, HIV/AIDS education, discipleship, leadership, and other life skill materials.

Davar Partners International contact information in South Africa:

Physical address: 

Alenti Office Park,
Building B,
457 Witherite Street,
The Willows,
South Africa

GPS Coordinates: 25°46’02.06” S and  028°18’26.83” E

Postal address:

PO Box 71029,
The Willows,
South Africa

General inquiries: (+27) 12 940 4837 | info@davar.co.za
Technical Inquiries: (+27) 12 940 4837 | support@davar.co.za

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